A squished looking living room with large vinyl windows.
Large windows can add a sense of space to small living rooms.

Large picture, bay or bow windows are a great way to create a sense of spaciousness, thanks to the light they can bring into a room. More light helps a room to feel more expansive. In fact, bow windows, which consist of several angled units, actually increase interior space in your room because they gently extend outward from the exterior wall.

Consider accent windows in unique places, such as above or beside doorframes. These small touches not only add a great ornamental feel, but also allow light to move from room to room.

Patio doors are an effective way to open up your home visually. They extend your indoor living space by leading the eye to more spacious areas outside. Sliding or swinging patio doors can be configured to the specifications of your home. You could also swap existing interior doors with glass doors.

Decorate with glass touches such as tables, chairs, vases and mirrors. They’ll allow the eye to move around your space in an uninterrupted way. A mirror that’s flush to the wall and opposite a window will double up the window’s effect.

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