Summer’s here! That means baseballs are flying and windows might get broken. Should a homerun hit or a misfired sponge-hockey puck damage a window on your house, there are a few things that you should know before disposing of the broken glass.

Don’t Throw it Out

Large, pointy chunks of glass in a garbage bag can be hazardous. You could poke, scrape or seriously injure yourself when taking out the trash. If you are going to throw broken glass in the garbage, always make sure you first crush it up into tiny pieces.

Safety Tips

1. Wrap glass pieces in heavy cloth or towel.

2. Using a hammer, gently break the pieces into small chunks (and wear safety glasses while you do this).

3. Place the crushed-up glass in a shoebox or similar container. Duct-tape the box shut, and label it “Caution – Broken Glass.”

4. Wait until the night before garbage day before putting glass in the bin.

DO NOT Recycle 

Glass is glass though, right? Wrong. Placing chunks of broken window glass in your recycling bin is not only dangerous but can also render your entire bin unusable. Glass used to make bottles is specially designed for recycling treatment. Depending on whether your window glass is tinted, tempered, or safety glass, it may require a different temperature to melt. DO NOT put broken window glass in your recycling bin. 

You have Options

Recycling window glass isn’t impossible to do, but it may require a bit of calling around. Some companies accept broken glass and use it to make asphalt or other building materials. If you have large pieces of glass, try to track down local artists who work with glass. You just might have the piece they need for their next masterpiece.


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