Before: Older windows are one of the most common causes of air leaks and seal failure.

Happy Earth Day from JELD-WEN!

We like to share ways to help homeowners become more energy and cost efficient. If you have older windows or doors, there may be tiny air leaks in your house that are elevating your utility bill. Here are some tips for making your home airtight.

Finding Leaks

Air leaks waste energy and money because they allow air-conditioned or heated air to escape your house while letting outside air in. They can form anywhere but are commonly found around older doors and windows.

Here is a great do-it-yourself method for finding and fixing those leaks:

Pressurization Test

This works best on a cold, windy day.

  • Make sure all gas-burning furnaces and water heaters are turned off.
  • Turn on any exhaust fans that blow air out, such as bathroom fans, stove vents or clothes dryers.
  • Light an incense stick or candle and hold it around the edges of doors, windows or any other potential leak spots.
  • Keep your eye on the smoke. If it goes horizontal or is sucked out, you have found an air leak.

Fixing Leaks

Now that you have located the leaks, you are halfway through your journey towards saving energy. To patch the leaks, clean the area, then apply caulking or weather-stripping around the edges of doors, windows, or anywhere else you have detected seal failure. Once your weather-stripping has been installed and your caulking applied, your house will be more airtight.

Jeld-Wen Wants to Help

If your house is suffering from air leaks, you may have older doors or windows that you are considering replacing. JELD-WEN windows and doors in Canada carries a wide selection of energy-efficient windows and doors that may help lower your energy bills.

Interior view of living room windows (after replacement), with no fogging, air leaks or seal failure.
After: Replacement dualpane sealed-glass window units mean no more air leaks or fogging glass.

Finding and fixing window air leaks is just one of many great ways to make your home and property more energy efficient. Tell us your story—how have you discovered or fixed window air leaks in your home?

From everyone at JELD-WEN, have a happy Earth Day!

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