When we think of doors, we often think in terms of function. A door provides privacy and a visual or sound barrier. It has latches and hinges. But we don’t always consider an interior door as a design element, and that’s a missed opportunity.

When looking for inspiration, doors can be an important interior design element to consider. A well-chosen door can set the tone for entering or transitioning between one room and the next. More than just a divider between living spaces, a door hints at what lies beyond. It can promise, suggest, hide or announce whatever is behind it.

In the photo below, the etched wheat in the glass of this French interior door suggests an abundance of food in the kitchen beyond.Custom interior wood door with etched sheaf of wheat on glass.

When considering possibilities for a new interior door, take into account your overall room style. What furniture, baseboard mouldings and other décor considerations such as tone, lines, texture and colour are in the room? Depending on the door style, a bedroom door can complement furniture, wallpaper or other room elements, like this Provincial bedroom door with upper panels that echo the elegance of a nearby antique dresser.

A white, 4-panel Provincial interior door by JELD-WEN

Interior doors come in many different widths, ranging from 12” to 36”. The Provincial door above is 80” high and available in 4-panel (shown), 2-panel Passage, 2-panel Narrow and 4-panel Bifold designs. Your choice will depend on what your room needs—heavy or light, louvered or flush, moulded or natural.

Here’s an example of a louvered door with horizontal lines that complement vertical lines in a bedside lamp and a bedroom cabinet.

A custom Classic Wood Louver interior door by JELD-WEN

Inspiration can come from many places—websites, blogs, catalogs, showrooms and open houses, to name a few. You will learn what works and doesn’t work, and observe how to use color, textures and patterns tastefully. You can actually shape the tone of a room by the door that you choose.

To view a wide selection of doors and door design & finishing options, visit jeld-wen.ca.

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