Does your home have curb appeal? Here are four questions to ask yourself to increase your home’s curb appeal.
JELD-WEN Old World-style Contours exterior steel door, full-lite with sidelites, rectangular transom and Paris Insert (Patina).

The first impression your home creates can be a lasting one. To assess the front of your home for curb appeal, take a photo about 50 feet away from your front entrance. This is your “before” photo. Then ask yourself these four questions:

1. Do I have a focal point?

Look at your front door in relation to the front of your entire house. What is the proportion of your entrance to the overall façade of your home? If you have a wide entrance, you can increase the size of your entry by adding sidelights, a transom, or a second door. Does the design of your door suit the architectural style of your house? All entrance doors are not the same. You have lots of choice when it comes to front door styles.

2. Is this the right door for this location?

Which way does your door face? If it’s south facing, chances are you maintain it more often because it’s susceptible to weathering. Do you have an overhang? How well  your entry door is protected from the elements affects its longevity. Fibreglass and steel doors stand up better over time and require less upkeep.

3. Is everything in good repair?

Take a close look at the paint or stain on your door. Is it time to touch it up or refinish? Are any windows, in or around your door, clean? You can wash your windows with a simple solution of either 1 tsp mild liquid soap OR 1 ½ cups vinegar to 1 gallon of water. If you’re planning to paint exterior walls, treat any mold or mildew first with a 3-to-1 bleach solution, power wash the affected areas, then sand and spot prime anywhere your paint is peeling.

4. How does it look at night?

Nighttime curb appeal can be just as important as daytime. Is your focal point properly lit? Is your outdoor entrance free of clutter? Does the style of your light fixtures complement the style of your entrance-area door and windows? If not, consider choosing metal or glass accents to complement finishing features you already have in your door system.

Now take an “after” picture. If you wish, post your before and after pictures on our Facebook page!

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