Your windows could use some help.

During the summer months they take a relentless pounding from the sun. Depending on where you live, this kind of heat can seriously sap cool air from your home, jacking up energy bills. In addition to installing energy efficient tripane windows in your home, there are additional steps you can take that not only will keep your home cooler this summer, but also boost your interior and exterior décor.

Window Coverings
By installing white window shades, drapes, or blinds you can reflect heat away and reduce heat transference. This will act to keep the house a cooler temperature overall, thus reducing the need to run the air conditioning.

Window Curtains and Awnings
The sun is at it’s hottest late in the afternoon. By closing curtains on south and west-facing windows you can successfully block warming rays from reaching the interior of your home. To make a statement on the exterior of your home consider window awnings to further shield against rays.

Look for LowE glass, U-Values and ENERGY STAR
Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so why not insist on energy efficient windows from the start and get a head start on staying cool and saving money? Low emissivity, or LowE glass is window glass that has a special coating meant to reflect heat in the summer while absorbing it in the summer. You can lower your energy bills year-round with LowE glass.

The U value measures the thermal conductance of a product. The lower this value is the less heat transfer will occur.

ENERGY STAR is a third-party energy performance rating assessment that helps consumers identify the most energy efficient products available. ENERGY STAR windows and doors will allow you savings that could reach 12%. There are many more advantages in the quality of these products: better comfort, less noises coming from the outside and less condensation than the traditional models.

No matter what route you opt for, having a sound plan to protect against solar gain and heat loss will help keep you comfortable this summer – and year-round.

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