Last month we covered window cleaning as part of a summer maintenance routine. This month, we will dive deeper in to annual recommended upkeep to ensure years of worry-free use from your windows.

Upkeep of moving parts

The regular maintenance and lubrication of your windows’ moving parts will help prolong their lives. In general, all moving part contact points should be lubricated with a drop of lubricant in the spring and fall. Dust, sand, and dirt can accumulate and must be regularly removed to ensure the whole unit continues to work smoothly, with special attention paid to windows exposed to extreme winds or located close to ground level.

General Recommendations

  • Use a silicone lubricant
  • Be sure to protect your clothing, hands, and eyes
  • Do not loosen screws or nuts or disassemble hardware for lubrication purposes – it’s not needed and may void your warranty
  • If you have questions about window care and maintenance, ask your vendor

Caring for Wood Surfaces

JELD-WEN windows and doors are made of treated pine that can be painted or stained. Wood contains natural variations in colour and texture. These are not defects and in fact add uniqueness to the product. We recommend that you paint or stain them as soon as possible, no later than 21 days after installation.

Caring for Vinyl Surfaces

A little dish washing soap in water is generally sufficient to keep them looking beautiful. Be sure to use gentle, non-abrasive cleaning products. For harder-to-remove dust or marks, use non-abrasive sink and counter cleaning creams. You may also use specialized products for cleaning vinyl surfaces in vehicles. Do not use solvents or stripping compounds. Certain products like felt-tip pens can mark vinyl permanently. If this happens, it is better to replace the affected part. You may also lightly scrape or sand the surface—a delicate procedure you should entrust to a window and door professional or contractor—but this causes the material to lose its luster

Take Precautions

  • When using a cleaner other than soapy water, be sure to wear adequate protective gear to protect your skin and eyes.
  • Cover all parts of the window or door you do not intend to clean.
  • Contact the manufacturer before undertaking anything that could damage your windows or doors.

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