With spring in full swing, there couldn’t be a better time to explore replacing your current windows and doors. There are a number of reasons why this renovation should be on your To-Do list this year:

  • Replacing old, inefficient windows and doors with newer, more efficient ones can save energy, which in turn will save you money on future utility bills
  • Windows and doors can give your home a fresh new look with customizable options for every taste
  • Add to your home’s perceived and real value
  • Keep summer heat out – or winter heat in – for year-round comfort

We’re going to focus on two main projects – window replacement and patio doors.

Window Replacement and Updates

Just as there’s no shortage of reasons to upgrade to new, high-efficiency windows, there’s no shortage of renovation types. A full window replacement requires the removal of the complete unit, including glass and frame and offers the most control over the look of your home post-Reno.

If the window frame still has integrity and you are simply looking to add efficiency, a glass unit replacement may be the project for you. Less invasive than a complete unit renovation, a glass replacement can be done by handy men and women with slightly above average skills and common tools. Of course, most contractors would have the know-how required as well.

To simply update an exterior look, replacing the window brick mould is an easy and cost-effective option. Although it will not impact window performance or actual operation, replacing brick moulds with a new color or width can do wonders to enhance your home’s façade.

Patio Doors

Few things are as refreshing as opening a patio door on a warm summer morn. Be it steel, vinyl, fiberglass or wood, sliding, garden, swinging or folding, the options available for this exterior door segment are endless.

  • Each construction type has its own merits. Vinyl is an economical, low maintenance choice while the old-world craftsmanship of wood requires more frequent upkeep to stay looking its best
  • Like traditional windows, the ideal operation of each style largely lies with user choice. Sliding patio doors are great space savers, folding and swinging doors are traditional with new-school flair and garden doors combine an entryway with enhanced ventilation – there is no wrong answer.
  • As if choosing a construction type and style wasn’t hard enough, most patio doors come with a bevy of options including hardware, grilles and more – good luck!

When thinking of renovations this spring, there is no lack of options when it comes to windows and doors. Whether you’re eyeing a full unit or glass window replacement or are looking to open up your space with a functional patio door, JELD-WEN Windows and Doors has the product type and style you need to help make your renovation project a success. To learn more about our full line of windows and patio doors, visit jeld-wen.ca today.

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