April 2013


On a cold January in Edmonton, a miniature model house gently sways in the breeze three stories above the sidewalk. Below, artist Emily Luce watches as a crane lowers months of hard work down to the terrace of the Art Gallery of Alberta. The exhibit opens in 72 hours. Four days earlier in Lethbridge, Emily and her partner, fellow artist Rodney Sayers, are fastening the last straps down on the model house for the drive to Edmonton. The trip usually takes around five hours. With the house in tow, the journey will take four days. There’s a famous house in Lethbridge – a full sized house – that has been home to a number of artists over the years. The house, now named for their most famous residents, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, was the inspiration for the piece. Not only is the house itself now a piece of…