Unless you live on the west coast where spring comes a few days after Christmas, you’ve likely been eagerly anticipating the great spring thaw – the annual tradition that brings millions of Canadians out of their dens and in to their local home improvement store. No matter what your skill level, there are a number of renovation jobs that can be completed over the weekend (or a few) that can greatly enhance the beauty and livability of your home while adding to its value. With sound advice and the right materials you can elevate yourself from Tim Taylor to Bob Vila in no time.

Fancify Your Front Door
From the curb, an eye-catching door entry system is a great way to make your home stand out. You have two main options when replacing your front door: slab or door system replacement. Slab replacement means simply taking the old door off its hinges and putting a new one in its place. Adding a new door system, while a more involving process, gives greater freedom to create something truly unique. An entry door system includes the slab, doorframe, opening assembly, sidelights and transom, among other components. Whatever you choose, there are options for every taste and design sensibility.

Get Your Decks In A Row
What could be better than spending a relaxing Saturday afternoon on your very own deck or patio? If you’re just looking for a firm surface on which to bar-be-que and park a few lawn chairs, cement patio blocks may be just the ticket – the only prep work required is a bit of ground leveling for an even surface.
If you’re slightly more ambitious and have friends that are willing to help, a full-fledged, elevated wooden deck will provide years of delight. To get started, consult with project guides available at your local building supply store. When adding either a deck or patio, access to it is also important. Consider a sliding patio or garden door that opens up to the space.

A New Façade
Become the neighbourhood stand out with a fresh coat of paint or updated vinyl siding. Both methods have their benefits; with paint being more flexible and cost effective while siding is likely to last longer with regular maintenance. When it comes to siding, you have material options like wood or vinyl. Vinyl will last longer, can be painted and is easier to install than wood. Wood siding, while rustic, requires more upkeep. You can choose to paint or reside yourself, or hire a professional firm to do it, although that will add to the cost of the job. For an inspired look, consider painting your window frames and brickmould in a contrast colour to really make them pop.

With spring just around the corner now is the time to get your renovation program up and running. With just a few weekends of dedication, you can remarkably alter the appearance of your home and add value that will last for years. Stay tuned for further spring renovation tips coming in the next month.

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