October 2012


We’ve all seen the ENERGY STAR logo before. It’s stuck on washers, dryers, televisions and microwaves – really any appliance you can think of. But maybe there’s one place you haven’t thought to look for the ENERGY STAR badge – your windows. “Windows,” you might say, “they’re just glass in a frame, how is that ENERGY STAR?” Not all windows are created equal. Some are drafty old single pane things; others leak and frost over the day the mercury dips below zero. Though they don’t draw energy as a blender might, windows can conserve energy, reduce heating and cooling costs and generally contribute to a more comfortable environment. ENERGY STAR windows by JELD-WEN are typically dual or Tripane and each have their own advantages depending on where you live. Both dual and Tripane JELD-WEN windows will help to dampen exterior noise, reduce condensation and form a tighter, gap-free seal to…