September 2012


Do your windows squeak and creak? Is your sliding door a little less lustrous than it was the first day? Here are some tips for getting them back to their original glory. Moving parts Maintaining and lubricating your windows’ moving parts will make them work better—and longer—and avoid premature wear and tear. Maintenance Clean grooves and sliding fittings, where dust, sand and dirt accumulate, on a regular basis. Pay special attention to windows exposed to strong winds or placed near the ground. Avoid painting metal parts or weather-strip to make sure they work properly and do the job they’re supposed to do. Lubrication Twice yearly, spray moving parts with a silicone lubricant. Your retailer can recommend the right brand. Make sure you don’t untighten the screws or nuts, or remove the door hardware for lubrication. It isn’t necessary, and may, in certain cases, invalidate the manufacturer’s or installer’s warranty. PVC…