Installing an interior door is an easy upgrade that can dramatically improve the appearance of your home. Here is a list of the tools you will need to complete the project:

-Utility Knife

-Tape Measure

-Four Foot Level

-Paint & Paint Brush


-Hammer or Nail Gun

-Finishing nails.

***  Warning: Don’t forget to use proper eye protection when using hand tools. (Safety Glasses)

Step 1: Measure the opening

Once you’ve removed your old doorframe, take the opening measurements and give them to your local home improvement retailer. They will be able to assist you in choosing the right size product for your home.

Step 2: Check the measurements

When you’ve received your new interior door, you will need to remove the packaging.  Measure the door and the component pieces to ensure sure the product is the right size.

Step 3: Paint door

Interior doors come pre primed so this is a good time to put a quick coat of paint on the door and component pieces.

Step 4: Position door in opening

Because pre hung doors already come with their frame preassembled, position the door in the opening and place temporary shims to secure it into place.

Step 5: Level door with shims

At this point, make sure the door is level and plumb. You also want to ensure proper spacing along the door opening (about 1/8 of an inch) and adjust the shims accordingly.

Step 6: Fasten jamb with finishing nails

Once the door is positioned correctly, fasten the jamb with finishing nails. Start on the inside, work your away around the door, nailing the frame through the shims.

Step 7: Remove shims and install trim

Score and break up the remaining shims and replace the old trim.

Step 8: Install hardware

Finally, install the door hardware according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Watch the video here:

Interior Pre Hung Door Installation

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