The  magic of Christmas is all around us… shouldn’t it be all around your home? We thought so too… so we’ve asked a professional interior decorator to be on hand today to provide you with enchanting ideas to create the perfect holiday atmosphere.

That’s one Christmas wish come true!

1. Keep it warm: Put down a carpet where the floor was bare to create a warm and enveloping atmosphere. It’s perfect for Christmas and the entire winter. Match the colour of your carpet with elements from your living room.

2. Even if your Christmas budget it practically non-existent, you can still decorate your home with boughs from any variety of pine. Place them on your mantle, around doors (wrapped with steel wire) or even around your window frames. They also make your home smell wonderful.

3. The colour trends for this year are robin’s egg blue, aubergine, violet, emerald green, silver, gold and white – which is timeless. You don’t need to change everything though, just by adding one or two selected elements in this year’s colour trends, you can refresh all your decorations.

4. At risk of contradicting myself… don’t be too trendy. I think Christmas decor should be beautiful this year and five years from now.

5. Welcome your friends by decorating your house’s exterior. We love to put fresh cranberries in a large vase of water and then put a smaller vase inside of it. Leave it outside for the night and then remove the two containers, leaving a sculpture of festively colored ice. Make several and use them as candle shades on Christmas eve.

6. Your flower boxes have been empty for a few weeks now and they are beginning to look sad. Bring them back to life with a few pine boughs. Set them in place using snow and water so they freeze into position. Your windows have never been more festive!

7. If you have a small living room, instead of putting up a Christmas tree, try decorating the walls instead. Wreaths and ornaments are perfect for the job.

8. Decorate the room with natural flowers… and not just poinsettias!

A random assortment of potted plants on windowsill with sun shining upon them.

9. Match your Christmas wrapping paper with your decor – It’s a great idea.

10. One of the biggest festive decoration mistakes is not enough light. The golden rule for lighting is to use 100 to 125 lights for every foot of your tree’s height. A six foot tree should have between 600 and 750 lights in order for it to look its best.

A heartfelt thank you to Vanessa Sicotte, from Damask & Dentelle, for her special touch and collaborative spirit.

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Here are just a few ideas on how to incorporate Vanessa’s expertise around your home. Go ahead… have as much fun as you want!

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