Because of the wide variety of windows and doors now available on the market, they have become a central part of our decor and provide a cachet and style that reflect our personalities.

What to avoid…

– Vertical blinds

– Short curtains that end at the window frame

– Ruffled curtains

– Cascade curtains

– Valances with overflowing fabric

“Dressing windows is a bit like extending your decor. A sober dressing is timeless and places the emphasis on the the room itself. There are many classic styles which are always excellent choices such as French pleats and inverted pleats. As for material, you can always find something that reflects your personality.  There are many new types of fabric on the market that are made from natural fibres and there are now wooden blinds with solvent-free, eco-friendly stains.  These products meets the environmental needs of our clientèle and are becoming increasingly popular” adds Ms. Marie-Eve Raymond, interior designer.

Marie-Eve Raymond has hosted conferences at the Salon National de l’Habitation over the past few years; she is always on the cutting edge of trends and knows how to communicate her passion to others. Since 1999, Ms. Raymond has held a Bachelor’s degree in Visual arts as well as several professional accreditations.

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