Did you know that June 5 was World Environment Day?  This day, designated by the United Nations in 1972, was appointed to encourage positive, proactive action for the environment and to empower people in the protection of their natural surroundings.

In concert, Canada declared June 5 to 11, the 40th annual Canadian Environment Week. Since 2011 has been named the International Year of Forests by the UN, the theme for Canadian Environment Week this year is “Preserving our Forests, Protecting our Future”.


Our environmental footprint:  steps with impact!

To find out about all the daily things we can do to help the environment, Environment Canada has made a list of 40 tips we can all add to our day-to-day routine and habits.

Geocaching Contest

Environment Canada, in partnership with Parks Canada, is organizing an activity for the whole family—a Geocaching Contest across Canada. You can find all the details on the Environment Canada site.

Happy Canadian Environment Week everyone!

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