When it comes to shopping for a new product, there’s nothing more helpful or credible than the comments of customers who have chosen the same product. Testimonials are a great way to learn from the unsolicited opinions of people who explain why they ended their search at one product or another, and how they benefitted by doing so.

For this reason, we have decided to offer you a selection of comments about JELD-WEN windows and doors, posted on social media.

Facebook and Twitter are some of the better sites for sharing opinions with or asking questions of the JELD-WEN community. We invite you to send your comments, questions or suggestions using these platforms. They are also sites that we use to issue information and news related to the window and door industry, to be viewed at your convenience.

“Here’s to your great products!”  -Nathalie Harton

“Your products seem very interesting.”  -Michelle St-Georges

“Well done, JELD-WEN. Your windows are the best. I used them in my second home, where they had been needed for 150 years!”  -Annie Légaré

“I am very proud to have the JELD-WEN name on my house.”  -Manon Gladu

“JELD-WEN Canada is a world leader, and one of the most important producers of windows and doors on the international market.” -Real Paige

“This company has great products!” -Jungle Jim Shier

“My family has been looking to replace our old wooden casements. After looking at all the brands, we decided to go with the best… JELD-WEN. We now have them ordered and can’t wait to get them installed… ” -Juanita Pope

“I have the best sliding patio doors… THANKS to JELD-WEN!” -Patricia Johnston

“JELD-WEN provides quality products for Canadian home owners.” -Louise de Pape

“Right now, these are the best-made windows with the largest choice of finishes – which is something to consider.” -Benny Boutin

“JELD-WEN windows and doors are the best products that I have ever used and will recommend them to anyone that is doing the replacements in their home.” -Brenda White.

We look forward to reading your comments! Thanks, everyone!

Source: JELD-WEN Canada Facebook pages

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