Now more than ever, the environment is at the heart of peoples’ discussions and concerns. All of our company’s sectors of activity are talking about environmental initiatives. This week, we had 3 professionals in to speak about their vision for sustainable development and eco-responsible behaviour. Because the environment is a hot topic, we are pleased to be able to present you with more players or stakeholders over the coming weeks.

“At JELD-WEN we understand that even a few small and simple actions can add up to significant results” says Jérôme Samson, Engineering Representative on the JELD-WEN Environmental Committee.

Some of those are:

– Installing recycling stations for all types of materials in easily accessible and strategic areas around the plant

– Sensitizing our employees on how to prepare ecologically friendly lunch boxes

– Having the administration and employees purchase dishes to reduce the use of disposable dishes and utensils

– Supporting the team’s environmental efforts in an internal quarterly newsletter

– Annually recycling 10 tonnes of polyethylene which is then resold in bales

Elsewhere in the industrial sector, people want to know what direction our environmental campaign is taking? We turned to engineers specializing in energy efficiency to collaborate on a number of energy efficiency projects.

“As individuals, we are now more sensitized to the notion of the environment and we are increasing our efforts to reduce our energy footprint. We are happy to announce that we feel the Quebec industrial sector is in the process of change and we are moving toward eco-responsible renewal. As a part of our large scale energy efficiency projects, we frequently collaborate with qualified managers who have shown their commitment to a vision of sustainable development. We salute their vision and we are proud to participate in the achievement of their efforts to create a greener tomorrow.” Mr. Frédéric Gaulin, President of Énergère.

As a sign of the times, many businesses which offer consultation services for sustainable building have made their way onto the market over the past few years. Here is the vision of one of the firms we had the chance to speak with recently on the subject of the environment:

“In Québec, the main impacts on the environment lie in the energy expenditure of our buildings and our means of transportation: taking steps to reduce our energy consumption at home and/or reducing travelling alone in a vehicle are some of the most efficient actions we can take. In agreement with the news, I’d also say that reducing meat consumption and/or increasing consumption of local fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to limit the cost of your grocery bill and it’s an eco-responsible way to eat well!” says Mr. Hugo Lafrance, CEO and strategy consultant for Ecotactiques.

Adopting eco-responsible behaviour should everyone’s concern. Little by little, one act at a time we can make a real difference and ensure a greener tomorrow.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all the employees at JELD-WEN for their participation in the various activities implemented by our Environmental committee.

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