To ensure your window-dressing project turns out well, here are a few points to ponder.
A white vinyl awning window.
1.     Light sources

For each window to be dressed, it is important to study the brightness of the room. Depending on the orientation of the window – north, south, east or west – your designer will tailor his or her recommendations for your optimal comfort. For instance, if your window has southern exposure, special attention will be paid to protecting your furniture, since the sun’s rays will enter the room all year. If a window faces west, a window treatment that properly directs and filters light will be required to avoid the discomfort of eye-level sunlight in the dining room, for example.

2.     Privacy

Does the room face the street or look out into the neighbour’s yard? Such factors need to be taken into account. If you wish to be shielded from the sight of others, there are many window-dressing solutions.

3.     Function of the room

If the room to be dressed is a bedroom, a window treatment providing considerable opacity will likely be recommended. Conversely, more brightness will almost certainly be chosen for the kitchen.

4.     Desired style

Before a pile of fabric samples, we can easily become overwhelmed and waste time. It is advisable to determine ahead of time the style you are seeking, one that suits you. A good starting point is to bring with you some magazine clippings of tones, textures and decoration styles that inspire you.

5.     Allocated budget

You can also predetermine the total investment you are prepared to make on the window dressings in your home. Your budget can therefore be divided up unequally if one room requires a more elaborate window treatment than another. For example, a greater proportion of your overall budget will certainly be allocated to dress a window in the dining room, where family and friends spend a lot of time.

Having shared these tips with you, we wish you an enjoyable shopping experience. Have fun!

Thanks to Serge Lariviere, designer and owner, GLH Design, Victoriaville.

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