With winter rapidly approaching, the time has come to prepare your doors and windows for the coming cold season. Following are tips and recommendations regarding some frequently asked questions.


1. Should I store my window and door screens?

Although screens not directly exposed to the elements (such as for casement windows) do not need to be taken down and stored away for the winter, we recommend that double hung and slider window screens and patio door screens be stored away. Many people store their screens in easy-to-access places, so that they can be conveniently brought out when spring comes around.

2. How do I maintain screens?

Before storing your screens, lightly vacuum the meshing in order to remove the maximum amount of accumulated dust. Then wash the meshing with a humid cloth and a mild, non-abrasive soap. If needed, do the same for your aluminum frames.

3. How do I maintain my patio doors?

We recommend that you lubricate the rollers on the four corners of your patio-door screen frames (with Jig-A-Loo or a similar type product) once a year. You should also clean out the debris that can accumulate in the door rails. A quick pass of the vacuum cleaner should do the trick!

These three simple steps will help to extend the useful life of your screens. In the case of breakage, do not hesitate to contact your retailer for repairs or a replacement.

Have a good fall season!

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