Your front door is the first impression people get when they visit your home. What is your door telling them? Take a short walk down your side walk and take a good look at your entrance way and see what statement your front door is saying about your personality. Is your door dull and lifeless or does it pop and say “look at me”? Something as simple as a coat of paint in an interesting colour can add charm and appeal. Adding or replacing your door lite is also an inexpensive way to truly make a statement about who you are.

Propriety research conducted by ODL concludes that by adding or replacing your door lite the perceived value of your home increase by an average of 4%. When you consider a $500 upgrade on your door lite has the potential of increasing the value of a $200,000 home by $8,000, the upgrade not only increases the resale value of your home but adds curb appeal as well. A wise investment indeed.

Increase the perceived value of your home

When consumers were show homes with clear versus decorative doorglass, the decorative glass increased the home’s perceived value by an average of 4 percent.

Before                                                 After

Choosing the style that best reflects your home and personality
The JELD-WEN Door Inserts Selection Guide has broken down the door lite styles into four categories.

Compliment nearly any architectural style with the elegance of the Classic collection. With roots that run deep in the tradition of North American architecture, these designs evoke elegance, stability, and the permanence of home. Beautiful lines, sophisticated detailing, and deeply cut bevels create a broad appeal that blends well in a wide range of homes.

Harmonize the timeless enchantment and visual warmth of your home with the Old World Collection. Graceful contours, deep bevels, and dark, matte patina caming lend a feel of antiquity to these doors and create an inviting gentry way to your home. These designs recall the graciousness and rustic comfort of days past. When guests come to call, let our old world designs welcome them with a time less ambiance.

Add character with the bold, clean lines and simple flat panels of the Craftsman Collection. These beautiful geometric designs cast intricate patterns of sunlight into the interior spaces of your home. Handcrafted glass honours the Craftsman reverence for fine materials. Patina caming blends beautifully with finishes inside and outside the home.

Complete your modern look with the streamlined geometry of the Contemporary Collection. Contemporary glass shares your flair for the sculptural. Beautiful lines, sweeping curves, and soft forms inspired by nature, gently bridge the threshold between the natural world and your interior spaces.

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