On April 28, 2010 JELD-WEN of Canada participated in the second annual NEVER ALONE FOUNDATION’s “Poker for a Purpose Texas Hold em Tournament”  in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The event was dedicated to raising funds in conjunction with the Health Sciences Centre Foundation’s Project Hope to fight the battle against cancer.

JELD-WEN was well represented at the event by our ‘PINK’ team, who proudly wore their bright pink JELD-WEN golf shirts, with a breast cancer pin affixed to the collar.  The boys were a highly visible representation of just how far people from the community will go to fight against cancer.  In attendance were local sales managers, Paul Lanteigne and Eduardo Belik who hosted their selected group of local builders.  Corporate Sales Manager, Lauren Sabeski was joined by our corporate controller, Don Jolicoeur who became famous as the first guy to have to ‘rebuy’ at the event.

Trevor Markevich, owner of Mannington Custom Homes in Winnipeg made it all the way to the final table and placed an impressive 8th out of 243 players that night.  “JELD-WEN always steps up to the plate”, said Trevor when asked about how his night went.  He went on to comment on what an enjoyable event it was.  With strong community support all working towards a very worthwhile cause.

Paul Lanteigne, JELD-WEN Sales Manager, was awarded a NEVER ALONE FOUNDATION jacket when he successfully ‘knocked out’ the celebrity at his table.  Throughout the evening, the recipients of these jackets wore them with pride, and well deserved bragging rights, but the event was about things far more important than just fun.

The Hope Project: dedicated to revitalizing the GD6 Unit at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg

The Hope Project began as so many great endeavors do; with a greater need.  The Acute Leukemia/Blood &Marrow Transplant/Oncology Unit requires a closely controlled environment.  Patients within the unit are highly-susceptible to infection, and the ward, as it exists right now, was designed chiefly for the purpose of tending to their health, rather than the comfort and well-being of the patient, and his or her family and friends.

Patients remain on the unit from four weeks to eight months, and may require multiple stays.  During this time, they are at their most vulnerable – mentally, physically and emotionally.  It is a place where the smallest comforts make a world of difference.

The Hope Project provides the specialized comforts and technology to make their stay a little less arduous, the ward a little warmer and GD6 a better place to heal.

Thanks to the many great supports of this event, and the Celebrity hosts who made the night a raving success, the foundation raised over $35,000 towards the fight to beat this devastating disease.

JELD-WEN of Canada is proud to have been a part of that success.

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