The front elevation of your house is the first impression of your personality that your friends and neighbours will be left with when they visit your home.  Windowscaping with colour is a great opportunity for you to stand out and make a bold statement or allow you to subtly blend the colours of your home’s exterior to add a hint of your personal style.

Traditionally if you wanted colour your only option was to climb a ladder with a paint brush and slap on a coat of paint in the colour of your choice.  With paint however, you would be climbing up that ladder every other year to scrape and repaint.  Then along comes the vinyl window (pvc window) which eliminated endless painting.  A great product but there was one drawback.  This new low or no maintenance vinyl window was only available in white.  This is no longer true of vinyl windows.  Today JELD-WEN offers a generous assortment of traditional earth tones and exciting architectural colours which now allows you to express your creativity and individuality.

Colour trends come and go but finding the right colour that is perfect for your home can be quite simple.  Here are a few key questions to ask yourself before you decide which colour suits you best.

1. Take note of the colours and looks appeal to you.  Ripping pages from magazines or surfing the internet is a great place for ideas.  Checking out the ‘Our Favorites’ Tab on our blog would be ideal place to start.

2. Go for a walk and see what is popular in your community or visit a new subdivision to see what is the latest in colour choices.

3. Stand back and review the fixed components of your home.  For example what colours can you find in your siding, brick, or stucco?  What colours from these elements can you draw from?  Is there a hint of beige or grey in your brick work?  Using these features as your colour inspiration can narrow down your choices.

Visit one of our sales centres and let inspiration guide you or visit for more windowscaping features and ideas.

Here are a few great books that may help guide you along the inspiration pathway.

a)     House Colors by Susan Hershman
b)     The Perfectly Painted House by Bonnie Rosser Krims
c)     Curb Appeal by the editors of Sunset Books

Make a bold statement to reflect your personality or add a subtle touch of character


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