Forty years ago, JELD-WEN windows and doors developed an exclusive process that used wood waste to produce wood fiber mouldings for interior doors. Drawing on its extensive experience as a leader in environmentally friendly practices and products, JELD-WEN continues its efforts to develop and implement green initiatives.

Minimizing waste
In early 2009, window and door manufacturer JELD-WEN took steps to manage its waste materials more effectively. The company’s Saint-Apollinaire plant set up an Environmental Management Committee to analyze opportunities and reduce manufacturing waste at the source. The company joined the “HERE We Recycle” program created by Recyc-Québec, a Quebec agency that promotes responsible waste management. Membership in the program came with a 60% waste reduction target. In less than a year, the Saint-Apollinaire plant had achieved its 60% objective, even as sales increased, for a total reduction of 70 tonnes of waste.

Various measures were implemented to reach this ambitious goal, including: Employee awareness training through a in-house newsletter and employee meetings:

  • Return of container board packaging to suppliers for reuse
  • Processing of seconds
  • Recovery of polythene packaging
  • Reuse of seconds (glass, doors, etc.)
  • Reduction in paper reports
  • Introduction of generalized recycling throughout the plant
  • And more

JELD-WEN’s Saint-Apollinaire plant is now working to reach the highest level of Recyc-Québec”s “HERE We Recycle program. At this level, the plant is required to recycle, recover, and convert over 80% of the waste materials generated in the production of its doors and windows. The Environmental Management Committee has put in place a system to track all waste generated and monitor target compliance on a monthly basis.

Optimizing materials use
Optimizing the use of materials is a core component of waste management. Thanks to an optimization system, strict consumption monitoring, and reprocessing of raw materials, the Saint-Apollinaire plant is able to make even more effective use of its materials.

Promoting environmental management
JELD-WEN promotes environmental management through quarterly meetings with employees and an e-newsletter on company initiatives. What’s more, the JELD-WEN environmental policy provides a blueprint for setting new priorities in environmental management. Here are the main areas covered by the policy:

  • Premises in harmony with the environment
  • Lumber and other natural resources
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Durability, longevity, and choice of materials
  • Energy use
  • Product performance
  • Airborne and waterborne emissions
  • Indoor air quality
  • Membership in environment-related professional associations
  • Training


Jérôme Samson
Industrial Engineer

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